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Navigating Cannabis: 5 Tips for First Time and Returning Users

Navigating Cannabis:

5 Tips For First Time

And Returning Users

If you’re of a certain generation, you may have flirted with a joint or two in college (Wasn’t it fun?!). But as a responsible law-abiding adult, you put that habit on hold, perhaps for decades, to partake in more “socially acceptable” recreational substances, like alcohol.

With more states like NY legalizing recreational cannabis use, the once maligned plant has become a welcomed alternative to alcohol for millions of Americans. “We are so excited that the times – and laws – have changed!” says Beth Smith, aka Mrs. Smith, owner of the Purple Owl Cannabis Dispensary and fulltime educator. “Cannabis is enjoying a resurgence among Boomers and Gen Xers who are more health conscious, hangover avoidant, and simply feeling liberated to revisit cannabis recreationally now that it’s legal.”

Mrs. Smith says this demographic is shy, but curious. “Our door-to-door delivery service throughout Westchester and Putnam County fills that need for customers who demand discretion. Equally important, the quality standards of our growers are impeccable and the products we sell from flower and vapes to edibles and tinctures are premium grade for discerning adult tastes.”

If you’re among the burgeoning new breed of mature cannabis experimenters for wellness, pain management, recreation or a healthier alternative to alcohol, here are some tips from Mrs. Smith to help guide your first cannabis journey safely, discreetly, and euphorically.

1. Understanding Types/Strains and Their Effects

Cannabis strains are not one-size-fits-all. They come in various types, primarily Sativa, Indica, and hybrids, each offering distinct effects. Sativa strains tend to energize and stimulate the mind, making them ideal for daytime use. They can enhance creativity and focus, perfect for artistic pursuits or social gatherings. Indica strains, in contrast, provide a more relaxing and sedative effect, suitable for unwinding in the evening or aiding with sleep. Hybrids offer a blend of both, allowing users to find a middle ground that suits their specific needs. Choosing the right strain is crucial to achieving your desired effect, whether it’s relaxation, euphoria, or pain relief.

2. THC Dosage Recommendations

THC, the psychoactive compound in cannabis, varies in concentration across different products. For newcomers, Mrs. Smith reinforces the golden rule backed by the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM): “start low and go slow.” Beginning with a low dose, around 1-5 milligrams of THC, allows you to gauge how your body reacts to its psychoactive effects. This approach helps in avoiding overconsumption and ensures a more controlled and pleasant experience.

3. Navigating Edibles

Edibles offer a smoke-free alternative to consuming cannabis, but they come with their nuances. The effects of edibles take longer to manifest, usually 30-40 minutes, often leading novices to consume more than recommended. It’s crucial to wait at least two hours to feel the full effects before consuming more. This patience can prevent an overwhelming experience and make for a more enjoyable introduction to cannabis.

4. The Importance of Source

Where and how your cannabis is grown or processed before it gets to the retail dispensary is the determining factor for quality. “Dispensaries like Purple Owl who make it their business to source from reputable, high-quality, safe New York growers have an edge in the new recreational cannabis market,” says grower Noah White, owner CannaCure Farms.

“These days it’s hard to know what is safe and what isn’t safe to smoke,” explains White. “Flower from the black market is more often than not legal market cannabis from other states that has failed for pesticides, mold, heavy metals, you name it! That’s why when you consume cannabis that has been lab tested from a dispensary you can immediately tell a difference. The smoke is smooth, the high is clean, and the flavors are all on point. 

“At CannaCure Farms we practice all natural, regenerative farming practices. How we grow our cannabis and what we put into it when growing is pretty much the most important part of the process for us. We know the profound impact that cannabis has had in our lives and it’s our goal to share that with the rest of the state. Smoking cannabis that hasn’t been lab tested is almost counterintuitive as it negates all the positive benefits cannabis has to offer! “

5. Discretion in Delivery

Privacy is paramount for many cannabis users, but convenience is just as important. If you live in the lower Hudson Valley, there are but a handful of retail dispensaries that will allow you to shop in person for recreational cannabis products. Purple Owl delivers orders discreetly, in a time window of your choosing. Our packaging is unmarked, and our delivery vehicles are inconspicuous to protect your privacy. 

Whether you’re a true first-timer or coming back to cannabis after a long hiatus, we want your experience to be euphoric. Please reach out to Mrs. Smith with any questions about our products or about using cannabis, in general. We’re here to educate, enlighten and destigmatize cannabis as a healthier recreational substance option for adults.

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