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Juan Alverio, Co-Owner and Director of Inventory

Juan Alverio is co-owner and Director of Inventory at the Purple Owl Dispensary. A life-long Ossining resident with Puerto Rican roots, he graduated from Ossining High School in 2005, and worked as a restaurant manager in his community for the past 12 years. In addition to his management career, Juan is a serial entrepreneur who co-owned and operated a kettle corn business with Mrs. Smith

To understand Juan’s story is to understand why the CAURD (Conditional Adult-Use Retail Dispensaries) program exists. Juan had several infractions for minor cannabis offenses that occurred during his youth. One of these infractions wrongfully accused Juan of carrying a concealed “deadly weapon” when arresting officers found a nail clipper in his pocket.  He never dreamed that these painful life lessons would one day allow him an opportunity to partner with a local schoolteacher to legally sell cannabis in the very state in which he was wrongly convicted of aggravated crimes. 

Now, Juan has a new outlook on life and the chance to pursue his dreams. Not only is he intelligent and bilingual, Juan also has a deep understanding and knowledge of cannabis and its beneficial effects. If you have any questions — in English or Spanish — about cannabis products, types or strains, he will have an answer. He is looking forward to working with his partners and new business to help educate people concerning the new legal cannabis market, as well as marketing his line of jewelry made from the cannabis and hemp plant.

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